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    All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST). All programs are rated TV-Y. Learn More

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    TV Ratings

    Sprout is proud to let you know that all of our programs are rated TV-Y. This means that they are appropriate for all children.

    Whether animated or live-action, the themes and elements in these program are specifically designed for a very young audience, including children ages 2 through 5. These program ratings will allow you to customize and filter the programs your television presents.

    Sprout is committed to ensuring the safe entertainment of your children, and encourages grown-ups to take an active role in monitoring children's TV viewing.

    For more information on the television rating system and parental controls, check out these links:

    FCC Parents' Place - A guide for parents regarding family-friendly entertainment, television ratings, V-chip controls, and related subjects.

    TV Ratings Guide - A definitive explanation to help you understand exactly what TV ratings mean. - The cable industry's resource page on family-friendly programs, parental controls, the TV ratings system, and more.