When I Was a Sproutlet - Kaitlin

Get to know Kaitlin as a Sproutlet

My first pet was a bunny named Thumper.

I loved to eat breakfast foods! Especially eggs and sausage!

My nickname was Katie.

I couldn’t wait to get bigger so I could do all sorts of things on my own! I wanted to be independent and feel super grown up.

My favorite thing to wear was my “Valentine’s Dress”. It was a red and white fluffy dress that made me feel sooo pretty.

My grandparents used to take me to the park! I liked to play at the local park with my brother and sisters.

I refused to go anywhere without my Cricket doll. She was my best bud.

My favorite Sesame character was BIG BIRD.

My favorite kind of birthday cake was yellow cake with chocolate icing, or ice cream cake!

My most memorable birthday was my 8th birthday. My mom invited all of the girls from my second grade class over and it was awesome!

When I got older, I got great grades in English, Reading and Spelling.

At the candy store, I always chose anything chewy or sour.

My favorite color was purple!