When I Was a Sproutlet - Emily

Get to know Sproutlet Emily!

My first pet was a goldfish.

I loved to eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

My nickname was Meh-meh, because that’s how my little brother said “Emily.” Like “Em” but backwards!

I couldn’t wait to get bigger so I could stay up late and keep playing.

My favorite thing to wear was my swimsuit. I would dance around the house in it, making up songs and dances!

My grandparents use to take me to the beach to collect seashells and look for sand dollars.

I refused to go anywhere without my little brother, Brian.

My favorite Sesame character was Grover!

My favorite kind of birthday cake was ice cream cake.

My most memorable birthday was my 8th birthday. It was a costume party and we decorated boxes and sweatshirts with puff paints.

When I got older, I got great grades in Language Arts and Math.

At the candy store, I always chose something sour.

My favorite color was magenta.