When I Was a Sproutlet - Carly

Get to know Carly when she was a Sproutlet!


My first pets were two albino guinea pigs named Hoya and Nova (after my mom and dad’s alma maters!)

I loved to eat carrots.

My nickname was Doe-Yay (it’s how my little sisters said my name!)

I couldn’t wait to get bigger so I could sit in the front seat of the car!

My favorite thing to wear was a patterned “fancy dress”. The pattern was, in fact, different colored dresses. A dress of dresses. Very meta.

My grandparents used to take me to the pond  to feed the ducks!

I refused to go anywhere without Mr. Bear - a small pillow with the head of a bear!

I wanted to be a teacher.

My favorite Sesame character was Big Bird (and I especially loved Big Bird Goes to China, the movie!)

My favorite kind of birthday cake was the special non-dairy cake my mom would make for me.

My most memorable birthday was my Hawaiian themed fourth birthday! It was the perfect summer birthday theme. My dad even wore a Hawaiian print shirt and I remembering thinking that was REALLY cool.

When I got older, I got great grades in science and math!

At the candy store, I always chose red licorice laces.

My favorite color was YELLOW!