What TV Teaches

Four ways television can enrich your child’s life

As a Sprout parent, you fill your preschooler's day with an array of healthy activities: snacks, playtime, errands and trips to the park. Television and media are also a part of your child's twenty-first century life.

You can feel good knowing that, in moderation, television is another healthy activity in your child's routine.

Here's why:

TV starts conversations. For preschoolers, television is a place full of deeply compelling stories and characters. These characters and stories can be used to talk about events or activities that relate to your child's world.

"Chica has to dress for the weather, too. What do you think you should wear?" 

TV socializes.  Television exposes your child to information and culture; to new ideas and familiar ones. Exposure to these concepts helps your child explore her own interests, her life and place in the world.

"Caillou was worried about his toys, too. Do you sometimes have a hard time sharing?"

TV motivates. When Barney sings the "clean up" song, we all know what to do. Dancing with the Wiggles, repeating a vowel sound with Cookie Monster or making a craft with Star are all ways television can motivate your child to do amazing things.

"Brusha, brusha, brusha! Slow and gentle… just like the Pajanimals."

TV is engaging. Whether it's sorting rocks, zooming a toy car along the edge of a table or giggling with Elmo, research shows that learning takes place best when children are engaged and participating. Children's television is highly engaging.

"Look! You are dressing up just like Chloe."