Tips to Help Prepare for the Summer Hosting Season

Our guest blogger Dinah Wulf shares tips on how you can prepare yourself for the patriotic holidays, longer days, and warmer weather.

Spring has sprung but summer is just right around the corner! For some of us on the West Coast we are well into the warmer temperatures.  With a few general entertaining tips in mind, you can prepare yourself for patriotic holidays, longer days, and warmer weather with little stress and more time for enjoyment.

Keep your cool and make sure your refrigerator is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. Produce from your garden or local farmer’s market aren’t just great for healthy appetizers, they double as garnishes in beverages or for flavoring your water. You can add a unique twist to an iced cold water pitcher simply by adding fresh cucumber and lemon or frozen berries and orange slices. You also don’t have to play bartender all day. Leave out a bucket of ice and bottled beverages so that your guests can easily help themselves.

Keep your decorations simple. Paper decorations like party banners, place cards, and place mats are easy to store, easy to make, and are simple to interchange.  Be festive by decorating in red, white, and blue for Memorial Day and Independence Day. If you are hosting a non-holiday related backyard BBQ, decorate in red and white or blue and white only. Fresh flowers from the store or from your garden can be placed in recycled jars with ribbon or bud vases. Mix and match them to create a cluster for an easy centerpiece.

Keep the kids busy. Kid friendly outdoor toys that are easily accessible like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and hula hoops are fun and inexpensive activities for kids to play outdoors while you are entertaining. You can also have a blanket handy so that the kids can eat on the lawn and have a picnic of their own. For dessert, have the kids make their own indoor/outdoor s’mores with skewers graham crackers, chocolate miniatures, and marshmallows over a chafing dish fuel warmer.

With these tips in mind, you will be prepared for a well- planned event or a spur of the moment get together. 

Content provided by: Dinah Wulf

This featured blogger received information about Sprout's Kindness Counts and was asked to compose editorial for Sprout.