Talking About TV

Make TV more interactive by asking great questions.

Watching television with your child is a wonderful way to support your child's everyday learning. As you chat about what you see and hear, you will also enjoy learning about each other.

Here are some questions to jump start the conversation:

  1. Who is your favorite friend (character) on this TV show?
  2. Does that friend look or act like someone you know?
  3. When she said that (or did that), how did it make her friend feel?
  4. Do you ever feel that way?
  5. What just happened on this show?
  6. Can you guess what will happen next?
  7. How did you know that would happen?
  8. What did you like about this show?
  9. What did you not like about this show?
  10. If you made this show, how would your show be different?

Of course, be mindful of your child's interest in the conversation. If he is watching with rapt attention, he may not appreciate interruptions.

Keep it simple and natural. As you ask questions, you will find your child asking more questions. This curiosity and self-reflection will serve him well as he navigates our media-rich world.