Spring is Sprout Time!

In the winter we stay indoors because the sky is gray, the air is biting, and the ground is hard and icy. We dream of spring because we know that the ice will melt away, the sun will reappear, the birds will sing and the world will invite us outside to play! We also know that spring is when the seeds that were planted last year start taking root and growing. They’ve been underground waiting out the cold just like we have. Now that spring has sprung, they’ll push through the ground towards the light and transform into beautiful flowers that add color and beauty to our world.

Small acts of kindness are like seeds. They take some work to plant. When we plant kindness - when we offer a smile to a classmate who looks sad, when we forgive someone who hurt us, when we hold a door open for a stranger - we don’t always get to see the results of our kindness right away. Sometimes our classmate doesn’t smile back at us, our friend doesn’t seem to appreciate our forgiveness, and the stranger doesn’t say even say thank you. Sometimes our offering of kindness isn’t immediately appreciated. But that doesn’t mean it was wasted. Far from it. No act of kindness is ever wasted. It’s just that an act of kindness isn’t a flower- it’s a seed. And seeds take time to sprout.

So even if you don’t see the blossom right away, you can be sure that your seed of kindness is taking root in the heart of the person to whom you offered it. Soon it will sprout. You might not be the one to see it sprout, but someone will. Someone will be watching at just the right moment and see the seed of kindness that you planted Sprout. And it will make the person who sees it grateful. And that grateful person will plant another seed, which will eventually Sprout for someone else to see. And that ripple will go on and on. The more seeds of kindness we plant, the more beautiful and colorful the world becomes.

My kids learned about the frontiersman Johnny Appleseed in school last week. They came home and told me all about how he walked across our country, blazing new trails, planting apple tree seeds as he went. He didn’t get to see those seeds Sprout, but we do. Now our country is covered with apple trees and not only do we get to see them, but hundreds of years later- we get to eat their shiny, juicy fruit!

 Let’s be like Johnny Appleseed. As we go along our day, let’s blaze new trails of kindness and drop seeds as we go. One day those seeds will sprout and make the whole world more juicy, colorful and beautiful. 


This featured blogger received information about Sprout's Kindness Counts and was asked to compose editorial for Sprout.

Glennon Doyle Melton - author of the New York Times Bestselling memoir, CARRY ON, WARRIOR  & founder of the on-line community at Momastery.com.