Real Life Learning

Our Learning Approach: Real Life Learning

Buttoning a shirt, crunching a snack, skipping down the sidewalk or dancing with Elmo… Life with your Sproutlet is filled with wonderful, everyday moments like these.

As a parent, you know the value of these everyday moments. They are the building blocks of learning. Together, with your child, you spark new ideas and create new meaning in the routine events of your day.

At Sprout, we call this Real Life Learning.  Real Life Learning is…

  • Immediate: It happens in your child's world-the living room, the car, the playground or the grocery store.
  • Spontaneous: It happens when ordinary objects or events spark your child's interest.
  • Instinctive: It is as innate as spinning in circles or blowing bubbles in milk. Your child is wired for it.
  • Playful: It is always fun and centered in the joy of discovery, movement and imagination.

At Sprout, Real Life Learning is at the heart of everything we do. Each day we strive to inspire Real Life Learning moments in the lives of preschoolers and the grown-ups who love them.

How do we do this?

We start with gold-standard programming created by top educational and child-development experts-shows that are packed with enriching stories and familiar characters your child knows and loves.

We then build a framework that reflects the morning-to-night rhythm of your child's day. Whether it's getting dressed in the morning with Chica on The Sunny Side Up Show or winding down at night with stretches and songs on The Good Night Show, this real-life framework supports the daily events that shape your child's world.

To encourage parent-child connections, we extend this programming beyond television with games, recipes, crafts, holiday ideas and birthday celebrations.We provide activities that help you view together and do together.

Sprout parents like you are media savvy. You embrace media while modeling healthy media habits for your family. Since the beginning, Sprout has been committed to providing you with tools that empower you. Access our content on air, on demand, online, or on the go… whenever or wherever Real Life Learning takes you.