Pajama Time Tips

We all know how challenging bedtime can be. Transitioning from playtime to bedtime can be frustrating for Sproutlets… and grown-up Sprouts.

Bedtime can't go smoothly every night. But with the right approach, you might have fewer frazzled evenings.  

And who better to show us how than Jim Henson's soft and fuzzy friends, the Pajanimals. Get their expert tips on easing your child into dreamland.

Blow Off Steam

Does your little one get more wired at the end of the day like Squacky? Allow your child to expend some energy by running around the house, dancing to music or tumbling on the carpet.

Calm Things Down

After getting the wiggles out, start the wind-down process.  Calm activities like reading or listening to quiet music are great ways to transition your little bundle of energy into a calmer state.

Keep It Light

Diffuse end-of-day grumpiness with a playful attitude. Bedtime shouldn't be a chore. Try singing the "Brusha, Brusha, Brusha" song as you scrub those pearly whites. Play Simon Says as you get into pajamas (Simon says take off a sock!).

Stay Consistent

Stick to a specific bedtime and lead up to it with a routine. A simple routine is best, such as: bathe, brush teeth and read a book. This consistency provides a feeling of safety and a framework to help little ones soothe themselves to sleep.

Snuggle and Share

Once your child is tucked in bed, those last moments before lights out are the perfect time to snuggle up and huggle up. Take a few moments to reconnect and reassure. Share a warm story, talk about the highlights of the day or the things you look forward to tomorrow.