Muddy Fun

It’s springtime! And with all the grass and flowers, we can’t forget the mud.

Take the excitement of dirtgirl world into your own backyard and get grubby. Whether you head outside on a rainy day, or mix up your own batch of mud on a sunny day -- your child will love these get-messy activities.

Paint Pot

Grab a paintbrush and make a "paint pot" in the ground by adding water and stirring Your child might paint a rock, a stick or even a piece of paper.

Splatter Paintings

Reach for your inner Jackson Pollack and create a mud splatter painting. Use a large board or the driveway as your canvas. Dribble or toss handfuls of mud. Examine the patterns and textures. Clean up is just as fun. Hose it down and watch the mud melt away.

Plant a Seed

No need to go to the garden store. Use a seed or pit from a piece of fruit and bury it in the mud. As an experiment, plant something else next to it, such as a coin or plastic toy, and compare what happens over time.


If your child loves the sandbox, try a dirtbox. Fill a large plastic tub with dirt or potting soil. Create muddy rivers with cups of water. Toss in some toy trucks or an old spoon to encourage more play.

Mud Pie

This classic activity requires little explanation, but is as fun today as it was for your grandmother. Use an old pie pan and wooden spoon and create mushy, gushy delicacies.


Take off your socks and shoes and walk through the mud. Compare your footprints. Whose are bigger? Whose are closer together? Enjoy admiring your pedestrian art each day until the next rainstorm comes.

Buried Treasure

When your child isn't looking, find a muddy patch in the backyard and bury a little treasure or treat. Mark the spot with an X. Seek for the treasure together and dig it up with your bare hands.