Make the Most of Sprout Online

Wondering what our site has to offer? Here’s a quick look.

You are likely reading this page with a Sproutlet wriggling on your lap or playing at your feet. When you finish reading this page, perhaps you will hand over the mouse while you make dinner.

We envisioned you and your Sproutlet when we designed this site.

Together Time

The new Sprout Online welcomes Sproutlets and Grown-Up Sprouts into a world of together-time play. At Sprout, we know the value of co-viewing and co-doing. Together, you and your child will find a wealth of delightful activities.

Here's what awaits you:

  • Games: Help your child learn to play a new game
  • Videos: Watch a clip from a favorite show
  • Crafts: Get creative with a Sprouterrific craft
  • Recipes: Make something delicious and nutritious
  • Printables: Put crayons to work with printable coloring pages
  • Submissions: Dress Chica, post a photo, share a story and more

Kid Time

Sprout Online is a haven for preschoolers just learning to explore their digital world. Clickable program characters guide your child through the site and into safe, playful spaces.

Games and videos are your child's main fare, and are designed for pre-readers and new mouse users. Games are simple enough for many Sproutlets to play independently. Bookmark your child's favorites!

Parent Time

Dive into articles on a variety of Sprout topics. Get crafting tips, learn how to maximize TV time or learn about a favorite program.

Search tools allow you to find activities, crafts and recipes that are of most interest to your Sproutlet. Upload tools allow you to join our Sprout community with content submissions of your own.

As you navigate Sprout Online, we hope our digital offerings enrich your family life - online and off line.