Live Playfully

Here are some ideas for infusing fun, lighthearted play into your everyday routines


Walk This Way. If you are walking to school or running errands, change your pace.  Take baby steps or giant steps. Try hopping, skipping or walking backwards.

Crazy Cooking. Let your child choose a few food items from the pantry and invent a new recipe together. Pineapple and tuna fish sandwiches, anyone?

King for a Day. Take on a new identity for a day. Pretend you are royalty. How might you talk? What might you eat? Your child is likely to play right along.

Done With Dinner Game. After dinner, take turns rolling a die or two and clear that number of items from the table.

Play With Your Food. Allow a little fun at the table. Serve milk with straws and have a bubble-blowing contest. Or serve spaghetti without utensils and see what happens.

Pajama Jama. With everyone in their pajamas, turn on some wacky music and dance together before bedtime. Then take it to the sink and brush your teeth to the music.