Kitchen Play

You don’t have to cook a thing to have a great time in the kitchen. Try these ideas from Noodle & Doodle.

Music Appreciation

Your kitchen is filled with fabulous percussion instruments. Try the classics: pots and pans, measuring cups and wooden spoons. When your child tires of these, get more creative: chopsticks, tongs… and how about a salad spinner?

Water xylophones are also great fun. Fill a few glasses with water-increasing the volume in each-and tap gently with a teaspoon.

Dress Up

An apron and or a chef's hat might be all your child needs for some great pretend play. Accessorize with a colander hat or a napkin bow tie.

Gooey Science

Never underestimate the entertainment value of basic ingredients. Provide a spoon, a bowl and a couple items from the pantry… and watch your child dive in. Flour and water are a fun concoction-and you can use the goo later as craft glue.

Kitchen Math

Math in the kitchen can be as simple as counting plates or forks. Or your Sproutlet might enjoy practicing her measuring skills with a bowl of sugar and a measuring cup… or a glass of milk and a tablespoon.

Geometry abounds with nesting bowls and measuring cups. Can your child stack them in order?

Don't forget pattern play. Line up patterns of pasta shapes or dried beans ("black bean, lima bean, black bean, lima bean").

Yummy Art

Finger painting with pudding or flavored gelatin is easy and involves so many senses: touch, smell, sight and-of course-taste! Try painting on paper, or directly on a table or highchair tray.