Grow a Super Sproutlet

Calling all superheroes. Be super to yourself and the planet.

Your little superhero does amazing things every day, whether it's jumping rope, crunching an apple or recycling a plastic bottle. At Sprout, we believe that these ordinary acts are extraordinary ones. They lay a foundation for a lifetime of healthful and helpful habits.

Super Moments

With a little inspiration, you and your child can turn ordinary tasks into something super:

"I am Super Sarah and I can run to the car super fast!"

"I am Super Jamal and these carrots are my power food!"

"I am Super Nicholas and my garden cleans the air!"

Why So Super?

Superhero play is meaningful play. It allows your child to try on important roles, make decisions and see results. Young children are wired for this type of imaginary play. Invite your Sproutlet to be super today and see where that mission leads him.

Be Powerful

Children crave a little power. Give your child the freedom to be powerful and strong-to be active and make healthy choices-and watch those super feats happen. No cape necessary, although we strongly recommend one!

Super Powers

Your child was born with natural abilities. Some are unique to him. Others are part of childhood. Here are some of those young abilities with a few tips on maximizing them:

Super Energy.  Have you ever tried to keep pace with your turbo-charged tyke? Encourage that super energy with everyday activities. Spin in circles, bound down the stairs, leap over cracks in the sidewalk, boogie with the Wiggles and stretch tall with Nina.
Super Imagination. Young children love pretending. Use this natural power to make the mundane less so. Don't just rake leaves; gather space debris that landed on the surface of a far-away planet. Don't just put away groceries; feed your hungry fridge ("Mmmmm… Thank you! Yum, yum, yum.")

Super Sponge. Even when you think otherwise, your child is listening, watching and learning. The young mind is a sponge, constantly absorbing new information. Be an example with your own healthy and earth-friendly efforts. Your child will learn to follow along.