Greener Moments

When we take time for our planet, we find more time for each other.

Adopting greener habits may take a bit more time and effort. But all that time and effort pays off. Not just for the planet; for your family. When we are mindful, slow down and get outside, we naturally discover more quality time together.

Here are some go-green ideas that cultivate a healthier planet and a healthier family.

Join a farm co-op. Reduce that carbon footprint by joining a farm co-op. Your child will enjoy welcoming home a box of farm-fresh produce every week or so. Together, you can try new recipes as you encounter foods you might not have prepared before.

Pick your own produce. Find a local farm that allows you to pick your own fruits and vegetables. There’s nothing better than spending a morning or afternoon plucking yummy things to eat straight from the earth.

Cut down on lunch packaging. Avoid "snack size" foods and drink boxes by buying in bulk. Young children love to sort and fill things. Invite your child to fill water bottles and snack containers next to you.

Turn waste into art. Establish a craft drawer with materials that would otherwise be wasted: boxes, plastic lids or scraps of paper. Protect the planet as you sprout your own creations.

Get outside. On average, kids spend just 30 minutes of unstructured time outdoors each week. Whether hiking and camping as a family, or simply running around the backyard, go green with regular outdoor activity.

Carpool. Kids are going so many places. Why not set up carpools with friends? You will conserve energy and your child will benefit from more time with buddies.

Plant a garden. Even if your garden is a single pot of herbs or tomatoes, a garden teaches your child about the importance of soil, water and sunshine. Caring for a garden builds a routine that naturally results in quality time together.

Cut down on consumption. Refrain from buying the latest gadgets. When your child outgrows current toys, host a toy swap with friends. Or make toys together (like playhouses out of cardboard boxes).