Getting to Know Kaitlin

Sprout Host Kaitlin
A chat with Chica’s new friend!

Were you a shy or outgoing Sproutlet?

I was very outgoing.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Singing, playing piano, reading books, puzzles, cooking and watching TV.

Have you worked with kids before? How did you get into it?

Yes. I worked at a preschool/day care for 5 years as an assistant teacher. I worked with kids 1-7 years old and absolutely loved it! I have also done a lot of children’s theatre. I have also been a nanny and a camp counselor. There’s a pretty big age gap between me and my three siblings, so I’ve always been around kids and enjoyed it!

When you first auditioned for this show, what were you most excited about?

 I was most excited about the opportunity to do all of the things I love in one package. I love to sing and dance, and being on TV doesn’t hurt!

What happened during your audition?

I played a game with Chica, did a “fall-time” craft and sang the Happy Birthday song.

What was your reaction when you got the job?

 I think my jaw dropped for a long time. I cried a little and kept thinking “I can’t wait to tell my mom”. Then I ran out the door ‘cause I was late for work.

What was your first meeting with Chica like, and are you nervous to be working with such a famous chicken?

 Chica is awesome. She’s so nice and easy to get along with. I was nervous at first, but soon learned how down to earth Chica is! She makes everything fun and I am honored to be working by her side.

Did the current hosts of The Sunny Side Up Show have any words of encouragement?

The current hosts have been wonderful. The main thing I’m getting from everyone is to BREATHE and have fun. Live television can be scary, but if I breathe and remember that Chica is there to help me, I’ll be fine.

Did you get to choose your wardrobe?

I definitely had a voice in coming up with my wardrobe. I told them my favorite colors and sent them pictures of my “style”. They really listened, and everything they picked for me is something I would wear outside of work, so that’s cool.

What is your favorite part of The Sunny Side Up Show?

When I’m watching the show, I LOVE watching Sproutlet Stories and I think the Sproutlet News Report is really cute. So far in rehearsal, I love doing dress Chica and reading all the Sproutlet birthday cards.

What are you most looking forward to as a host on The Sunny Side Up Show?

I am really excited about hanging with Chica every morning. I can’t wait to sing songs with her and play new games. I am also looking forward to introducing new recipes to the show! Chica and I will create some fun and exciting snacks for all of the Sproutlets at home. I am excited about being on TV! I just keep imagining my grandparents in Indiana watching from their couch and loving it. 

What are you most nervous about hosting for the first time?

I am nervous and excited. I think the most nerve wracking thing is knowing that I am LIVE. But that also makes things super exciting. I’m equally both.

We heard you love to cook! Any special dishes?

My guacamole is a favorite among my friends! It is often requested at parties.  I also have a special chili that features a ton of colorful vegetables and it’s delicious. I think presentation is really important. It makes the dishes more inviting and fun! I look forward to playing with that on the show. 

What would you like to tell the (awesome!) Sprout fans?

I can’t wait to share my mornings with you in the Sunshine Barn!