Getting to Know Darryl

Meet Chica's new friend Darryl!

What was your first meeting with Chica like? Are you nervous to be working with such a famous chicken?

It was just an explosion of so much energy and laughter. There was definitely a connection. I remember us agreeing on a topic and while she flapped her wings, I decided to flap my arms, then we tapped fist and feather together. I called it The Feather Pound! She is quite the amazing little chicken, which is why I don't feel nervous around her. I thought I would be but I'm not and mainly because she reminds me so much of my Sproutlet. In fact, a lot of times I often imagine what my son would do if he were famous like Chica.

How has being a father changed the way you feel about working in children’s television?

It's given me the confidence to feel more connected with other parents that tune in. Even in public, I can easily start a conversation with any parent about our kids because of how much we love them and want the best for them. So, as a father, I keep that in mind right before I perform.

What do you like most about your ‘Dial Darryl’ segment?

I love that I get to share activities that I did as a kid with Chica and all the other Sproutlets. Its almost as if I get to relive my childhood over again.


What do you value most about your new Sprout family?

I have always valued how much Sprout keeps kids involved in everything they do! When I was a little Sproutlet, I could only tune in to my favorite shows, before school, after school or during holiday breaks. Now, there's the Kindest Kid Contest, The Chica Awards, celebrating your birthday on TV and so much more! Wow, my childhood feels more lacking now that I think about it...


What are your favorite hobbies?

I love writing stories, telling stories, drawing, jet-skiing, grilling, eating grilled food and like my father, collecting comic books.


What would you like the Sprout fans to know about you?

I had a great childhood so I'm very happy I have the opportunity to help share that with so many other Sproutlets!