Getting to Know Carly

Get to know Carly from the Sunny Side Up Show

What are your favorite hobbies?

I love staying active - I run, box and practice yoga! I love baking and cooking, especially with and for friends. Finally, I love MUSIC! I love to dance and I dabble in deejaying as well. 

How has your musical background influenced your performance as a host? Music is so important to me. I love watching a room full of people (grown ups AND Sproutlets) connect over a beat or a melody. Writing music for preschoolers is a unique task because they are a pretty honest audience. If your tunes aren't active, your crowd will lose interest right away. I try and write music that calls for specific gestures or dance moves, that way grown ups and Sproutlets can participate together with Chica and me! I also rarely write a song completely on my own at Sprout, and collaboration has been a huge part of my foundation as a performer. So, the same thing I love about music - the way it inspires togetherness and community - is exactly what I love about The Sunny Side Up Show. Ideally, Chica and I inspire creative collaborative play in a Sproutlet's home. 

We know you celebrate Sproutlet birthdays every day in the Sunshine Barn; what do you like to do on your birthday? 

AH! I love birthdays! When my birthday fell on the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics (8-08-08) I had a themed party where everyone brought food from different countries. I also always make sure I get a little “me time” to think about the past year - its ups and downs, and to think about what I hope the coming year will be like! 

What is it like hosting a live show? Tell us about your silliest 'oopsie' during a live segment. I love the live element of our show! I love that we are participating in our Sproutlet audience's morning in realtime. One time, we read a message from a Sproutlet who said he loved to write rhymes, so we asked him to send us one, and about an hour later he DID and we performed his rhyme to some music on the show. I guess we don't know for sure if he was still watching, but I sure hope so! Live TV!!!!

As a performer it means I have to stay in the moment no matter what! Chica and I have to always be ready to keep playing if something goes wrong. During Construction Week last year, Chica and I planned a segment where we'd make a tower of cups according to a blueprint. We scripted Mr. Mailman into the segment as delivering the blueprint, and then Chica and I would use our cups to make the tower to match the picture. WELL. Mr. Mailman rolled on in and the blueprint fell down behind the set before he came into frame! So it looked like Mr. Mailman just stopped by randomly, just for a friendly hello! We improvised a game of counting out cups and stacking them. After that, Chica and I laughed so hard. 

What do you value most about being a part of the Sprout family? It really is that - a FAMILY! Everyone who is a part of this network cares deeply about our content and our audience. And we have a really good time. We eat birthday cake at every monthly staff meeting. 

We know you're a part of a big family; what's it like growing up with so many siblings? 

Growing up with lots of siblings is a lot of fun, I recommend it! I've got five younger sisters and a younger brother and we have the most fun together. In fact, we all grew up performing together. Not every kid stuck with it, but we did appear as the seven dwarves in Snow White one time. My mom made the costumes, too!

We know you occasionally travel with Chica - tell us about a memorable moment on the road.

I LOVE that Chica and I get to travel! This year we visited Chicago, Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, Philadelphia and NYC. Not too shabby, right? I think the Los Angeles trip was my favorite. Kelly, Chica and I got to perform on a HUGE stage at CityWalk in Universal Studios. Kelly and I got to sing the Opposites Song together with Chica, which was a real treat. Since hosts are always in the Sunshine Barn one at a time, it feels special to get to perform TOGETHER! She and I had a blast. 

What would you like the Sprout fans to know about you?

Oh! Well, I just want to thank the Sprout fans for letting us share our morning with them, it's a great honor. I would also like them to know that I really DO wear glasses!!! My vision is really bad.