Father's Day Fun

Hats off to all the amazing dads who love and care for little ones!

Sproutlets share so much in common with their dads. Connecting these interests
builds empathy and strong family bonds.

For Father's Day this year, create some bonding moments with simple activities tailored to dad's interests. Invite your Sproutlet to choose the activity that dad would like most.

My dad is...


Do It Together: Make the trophy dad has always deserved. Here's how.

View It Together: Watch Lazy Town and try the Move of the Day together.


Do It Together: Create a news story about dad. Write a fun headline and include a drawing of dad. Tape your article to the front page of the newspaper for him to enjoy reading with breakfast.

View It Together: Watch SuperWhy and go on some literary adventures.


Do It Together: In front of a mirror, invite your Sproutlet to "shave" Dad's face with a can of whipping cream and the edge of an old credit card. Then trade places. Kisses to the cheek were never so delicious.

View It Together: Watch Elmo and Mr. Noodle (Sesame Street) and laugh out loud with dad.


Do It Together: Find a large pinecone and stick it between your knees. Waddle across the room or lawn without dropping the pinecone. Make the game trickier by requiring each person to drop the pinecone into a basket at the finish line.

View It Together: Watch dirtgirlworld with dad and explore the great outdoors.


Do It Together: Make a craft together with our craft creator. Here's how.

View It Together: Watch Noodle & Doodle for more fun craft ideas.