Family Play

As a busy parent, you cherish those magical moments when work is done and you can get down on floor and play with your child. Whether it’s tackling a puzzle or tickling a tummy, this time together makes everything worthwhile.

Play Together, Stay Together

What do corporations and therapists have in common? They know the power of team play. Businesses invest in playful events to build morale. Therapists use group play to improve relationships.

Team play is a valuable training tool for your family, as well. Playing as a family allows everyone to take turns, try different roles, deal with conflict and cheer each other on. Practicing these skills in non-stressful situations prepares your family to work together in more stressful, real-life situations.

When you play as a family, you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Create lasting memories
  • Improve overall happiness
  • Build self-confidence
  • Strengthen family bonds

Establishing a Routine

Preserving family playtime in today's busy world can be challenging. But just as we schedule children's play dates, we can also schedule family play dates.

Calendaring makes it happen. Whether it's nightly game time or a weekly outing, block off the time and try your best to preserve it. By prioritizing family time, you will not only have more of it, you will demonstrate to your child how much you value it.

Living Playfully

Play is also a mind-set. The beauty of life with your Sproutlet is that even mundane activities can be playful ones. Let go of grown-up stress, adopt your young child's worldview, and watch family time become lighthearted and fun.

Infuse play into every day with these simple ideas: 

Done With Dinner Dice Game. After dinner, take turns rolling a die or two and clear that number of items from the table.

Pajama Jama. With everyone in their pajamas, turn on some wacky music and dance together before bedtime. Then take it to the sink and brush your teeth to the music.

Crazy Cooking. At the grocery store, let your child choose a few food items and invent some pretend recipes together. Pineapple and tuna fish sandwiches, anyone?

Rhyme Time. Rhyming games are an excellent way to build literacy and are portable and fun. Try them in the car… or anywhere.

Bubble, Bubble. Allow a little fun in the kitchen. Serve milk with straws and have a bubble-blowing contest.