Family Movie Night Fun

Family Night Ideas
A movie night is a great way to enjoy quality time with your family. Here’s how to make it special!

We’re always looking for family-friendly entertainment options that won’t break the budget. Sure, staying home and watching TV can be low-cost, but it’s often routine and not very interactive. The key is to turn a regular movie night into a major event that gets everyone involved and earns raves from your most discerning critics. It just might become a family tradition! Check out these ideas for making your movie night a blockbuster success:

Planning the Big Event

Generate buzz and excitement by marking the date and time of your movie night on the calendar. Consider reading reviews, talking to other parents, or previewing the movie yourself to make sure all content is appropriate.

Serve Concessions

What’s a movie night without snacks? You’ll need plenty of yummy munchies, and your family can plan and prepare the concessions together. Consider healthier options like air-popped popcorn, peanuts, trail mix, and bottles of juice or water. Plus, check out these SportsCandy treats you can make with your Sproutlets.

Create a Home Theater Experience

Transform your family room into a movie palace with a few simple items. Roll out some inexpensive cloth for the “red carpet” and use a large cardboard box — with a window cut out — as the theater box office. Sproutlets can “sell” movie tickets they’ve created with construction paper and markers. Someone else can play usher and use a small flashlight to show audience members to their seats. Then blink the lights to indicate it’s showtime!

Limit Disruptions

Help keep everyone engaged during the movie by eliminating potential distractions — no multitasking allowed! As tempting as those devices are, turn off phones, computers, gaming consoles, etc. Make sure any homework assignments and chores are completed ahead of time. Schedule an intermission halfway through the movie to give everyone a bathroom break and a chance to refuel on snacks!

Continue the Story

After the closing credits or sometime the next day, ask everyone to share their opinions about the movie. Use the film as an opportunity to talk about the story, your favorite moments and what movie to watch next.  Your Sproutlets might want to write a story and/or draw pictures about what happens to the characters after the movie. After all, everyone loves a good sequel!