Celebrations Instead of Resolutions

Inject joy into your New Year’s ambitions with want-to-dos instead of have-to-dos.

At Sprout, we believe in everyday celebrations. These joyful moments can be planned or spontaneous, but always add meaning to life. Whether you are enjoying a new project or watching a hummingbird from your kitchen window, resolve to capture everyday celebrations all year long.

Many Goals, Few Results

Neuroscience research has proven that long lists of resolutions are bound to fail. Combine this with goals that often aren’t in line with our true interests, and we begin to understand why only 8% of Americans report success with their New Year’s resolutions.

Resolution Remodel

Success is much more likely, experts say, if we focus on one thing at a time and align it with what we are passionate about.

So here’s something we can all be passionate about: Sprout’s 2014 Calendar of Celebrations. Join other Sprout parents for a year of pursuing everyday celebrations in a mindful way.

Resolve to Celebrate

Here’s how you can join in:

1) Print your own blank calendar to post on the fridge.

2) For each month, choose one thing that you value and write it down as a celebration theme.

For example, if you are passionate about service, choose service as your celebration theme for that month.

3) Make a commitment statement that elaborates how you will be mindful of that theme.

To celebrate service, you might commit to seeking out ways to serve others.

4) Live that theme all month long. You may plan a specific activity, but give yourself the freedom to discover spontaneous celebrations along the way.

5) Note your highlights—at least three things that brightened your month and fulfilled your New Year’s resolutions celebrations.

Share Your Success

One theme per month helps you focus. Celebrating that theme over and over helps you enjoy the process while you build habits naturally. We want to know about your month-by-month journey this year. Post your favorite themes, your success stories and pictures of those magic moments.