Be Kind to Yourself

Life’s little routines have a big impact on your growing Sproutlet.

Your family's daily rhythms are already helping your child establish healthy habits, such as eating a nutritious breakfast, playing at the park or getting a good night's sleep.

At Sprout, one of our goals is to support your efforts in raising healthy kids. On screen and beyond, our programming can inspire your little one to keep moving, eat right and sleep well.

Be kind to yourself with these ideas inspired by Sprout shows:

From The Super Sproutlet Show: Take turns being Bean. Who can you catch doing something super healthy? Award that healthy act with a cape.

From LazyTown: With your child, sort the food in your fridge and designate a Sports Candy shelf with foods like fruit, veggies or cheese. Choose a low shelf, so your child can easily reach these anytime energy foods. Do the same in the pantry.

From The Wiggly Waffle: Create a playlist of your child's favorite dance music. (You might include a few from The Wiggles!) Use other playlists to inspire more high-energy activities, such as a getting ready or cleaning up playlist.

From Noodle & Doodle: Produce your own cooking show. Pretend you are Sean and Noodle. What healthy treat will you make together? If you are really feeling ambitious, film your show and play it back while you eat.

From The Good Night Show: Put on your pajamas and try some calm stretches with Nina before bed. Invent your own stretch and give it a name. Invite your child to invent one, too.

From The Pajanimals: As you wind down with your nightly routine, help your child drift off to sleep with simple routines from the Pajanimals. You might sing the "Brusha Brusha" song while brushing teeth, read a favorite book or share a real story from the day.

Don't forget… being kind to yourself counts!  Submit your child's kind act to our Kindness Counter and help us reach one million acts of kindness.