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    Itsy Bitsy Spider

    From the show

    Spin your own itsy bitsy spider out of paper plates!

    TAGS: 2-3 Craft

    What You´ll Need

    • Two paper plates
    • Black pipe cleaners
    • Black paint
    • Googly eyes
    • Glue
    • Stapler


    1. Gather all materials.

    2. Take two paper plates and paint one side of each black.

    3. Take eight pipe cleaners and bend them to make an “L” shape.

    4. Once the paint on the paper plates has dried, take one of the plate and flip it over so that the white side is showing.

    5. Tape four of the pipe cleaners to one side of the plate and four more pipe cleaners to the other side so that they are sticking halfway off the plate.

    6. Next, place the other paper plate on top of the pipe cleaner plate so that the painted side is facing upwards.

    7. Then, staple the plates together to enclose the pipe cleaners.

    8. Glue 8 googly eyes to one side of the spider.