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    Dinosaur Hats

    From the show

    Get ready to roar with these dinosaur hats!

    TAGS: 2-3 Craft

    What You´ll Need

    • Shoe box
    • Construction paper
    • Two paper cups
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Optional: elastic chin strap


    1. Gather all ingredients.

    2. Cut 2-inch strips of colorful construction paper.

    3. Scallop the edges to make scales.

    4. Glue the scalloped strips along the shoebox layering them slightly.

    5. Cut 4 circles of black paper for the eyeballs and nostrils or just use a marker to draw them.

    6. Attach the eyes to the bottom of two paper cups.

    7. Place the cups on top of the shoebox and use glue or tape to adhere.

    8. Attach the nostrils to the front end of the shoebox.

    9. For the teeth, cut 2 inch strips in a zigzag pattern out of white paper or white foam paper.

    10. Attach the teeth wrapped around the bottom under the nostrils. Optional: Add an elastic chin strap to the bottom.