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    Happy Halloween!

    Get ready for Goosebumps & Giggles! We're creeping it real with spooky-good specials and spine-tingling movies that are sure to tickle your funny bone!


    Spooky Good Movies

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    • Monday, October 31

      4 PM ET

      Jungle Bunch: Old Jim's Treasure

      The Jungle cave is attacked by a horde of rampaging pirates! Dirty Beard and his gang are searching for Suzy, a young raccoon pirate, in order to retrieve the treasure map of his father, Old Jim. The Jungle Bunch go with Suzy in search of  the treasure!

    • Monday, October 31

      9:45 PM ET

      Monsters Vs. Aliens: Night of the Living Carrots

      Since 1932, there have been 658 movies created about zombies, but none about zombie carrots!  In the all-new spooky special, NIGHT OF THE LIVING CARROTS, B.O.B., Doc and The Missing Link must band together on Halloween to save their town from an impending takeover by these zombie carrots.  After an attack on the rest of the gang, it will be up to B.O.B. to save the day, but childhood scars of eating his vegetables may keep him from emerging as the hero.

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