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    Hi there! We made some recent changes to the Sprout Privacy Policy because, as the newest member of the NBCUniversal family, we decided we should look and feel like the rest of the crew. So what’s new, you ask? For starters, you’ll notice the NBCUniversal overall policy contains new children’s sections for Sprout and our new Universal Kids site, including descriptions of when and how we may collect data from kids. We also added updated contact information in case you want to reach out to us. Our goal is to make the sections directed towards kids both easy to read and understand, and we think we’ve done a great job. And we hope you do too!

    Floogals Mini Missions


    From the show


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    Play each of the four mini missions multiple times to increase the challenge, earn stickers, and win a badge!

    TAGS: 4-5 Arcade

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