(makes 12)
  • (4) grape-size or cherry tomatoes
  • (2) green onions
  • (6) small black olives
  • cream cheese (softened)
  • 1 tube of black cake decorator’s gel
  • (12) crackers


1. Dice one of your green onions and mix well with cream cheese
2. Slice your 4 tomatoes into thirds, lengthwise
3. Slice your 6 olives in half, widthwise
4. Spread your cream cheese mixture onto your 12 crackers
5. For each cracker, place two slices of your tomatoes onto your cracker to
create the wings of the ladybug. After you have created the wings, take your
olive slice and place it on the end of the tomatoes to create the head of the
ladybug. Repeat steps for all of your crackers.
6. To create the antennas for your ladybugs, take your 2nd green onion and
slice 24 thin strips that are approx. 1-2 inches in length. Take two green onion
strips for each lady bug and place them in the hole of your black olive.
7. Take your tube of black cake decorators gel and draw spots on all of your