• Flour
  • Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough (pre-made or your own recipe)
  • Pink icing
  • White Icing




  1. Chill your Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough according to your own recipe.
  2. Print and cut out your cookie template. Lay down a large sheet of parchment
    paper, sprinkle with flour and roll out your chilled vanilla sugar cookie dough. Lay the template onto the cookie dough and use a knife to cut out the shape of the ballet shoe. Chill the shaped cookie dough once again.
  3. Bake the cookies according to the recipe.
  4. After your cookies are have completely cooled, use your pink icing and
    piping back and apply thin piping in the shape of the inside of the ballet shoe,
    then around the outer edge of the shoe
  5. After you have created your edges, fill in the ballet shoe with pink icing
  6. When your pink icing is dry, fill your piping bag with white icing and pipe a
    ribbon on the shoe.