• 2 large cardboard boxes (1 larger than the other)
  • Blue, red, and yellow paint
  • Paint brush
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Pom poms
  • All-purpose white glue and tape
  • Safety scissors 
  1. Using safety scissors, cut the top and bottom off of the large cardboard box for your body.
  2. Paint the entire box blue. Paint red buttons at the bottom.
  3. Cut two holes out of the front of the box for your arms to reach out of.
  4. Open up the bottom of the other smaller box for your head, so the flaps will sit on top of the bigger box.
  5. Paint the box red and use the yellow paint to create a robot mouth on the box (a half-circle with lines through it - just like Wibbly's robot).
  6. Cut out a thin rectangle out of the front, middle of the box for your eyes to see through.
  7. Poke a tiny hole on the top, stick the pipe cleaner in, and glue the pom pom on top for the antennae.
  8. Tape the inside back and bottom of the smaller box to the inside of the top of the larger box to finish off your costume! Whenever you want a robot break, you can simply flip the top off and the tape will hold it in place.