• Printable Welcome Chica template
  • 1 brad or paper fastener
  • 1 length of string
  • Crayons, markers and decorations
  • Single hole-punch
  • Tape
  • Safety scissors
  • Cardstock (optional)
  1. Print out the Welcome Chica template. Print or paste on cardstock for a sturdier craft (optional).
  2. Color and decorate Chica using crayons, markers or paint.
  3. Using safety scissors, cut out Chica and Chica's arm.
  4. Using a hole-punch, punch out holes at the dotted circles on Chica and Chica's arm.
  5. Overlap both holes and use a paper fastener to connect Chica's arm to Chica.
  6. On Chica's arm, fold on the dotted line to create a tab. This will allow Chica to wave.
  7. Attach string to the back of Chica with tape. Tie at the top to make a loop.
  8. Hang Welcome Chica on a door to welcome your guests!