• 1 box of pasta wheels
  • Red, black, and blue food coloring
  • 3 bowls
  • Yarn
  1. Separate your pasta into 3 equal piles.
  2. Fill 3 bowls, one with red, black, blue food coloring (either paste or liquid).
  3. Take your three piles of pasta and place one in the red dye, one in the black dye and one in the blue dye.
  4. Let pasta dry.
  5. During the party, you can give each child his/her own piece of yarn. (Be sure to knot the yarn ahead of time so that when the children begin adding the pasta, it won't fall off the yarn.)
  6. Set out the bowls of pasta and have the children create a bracelet or necklace with the colored pasta.
  7. Tie the bracelet or necklace to finish your train wheel neckalces!