• 1 yard of fabric for cape
  • 40 inches of ribbon
  • 2 feet of felt for eyemask


  1. Fold fabric to make a square and cut off any excess fabric.
  2. Trace semicircle in bottom right corner, cut along trace, then round edges of top left corner.


  1. Fold felt in half and cut along the folded line, then take the cut half, fold it lengthwise and cut again.
  2. Place ribbon in fold of remaining half, glue edges of folded piece over the small semicircle cape corner.
  3. Tie ribbonends into a bow to attach to your child.

Eye Mask:

  1. Trace peanut shape along folded edge, then cut trace.
  2. Hold long ways and cut almond shape for eye holes into felt.
  3. Attach ribbon to each edge of the felt to then attach to your child.