• 1 large cereal box (turned inside out)
  • 2 smaller cardboard boxes, such a raisin box or individual cereal box
  • 1 large button
  • 1 triangle shaped piece of red cardboard
  • 1 cardboard tube (from roll of paper towels)
  • 1 lid that fits into bottom of kitchen roll tube.
  • 2 long lengths of strong ribbon.
  • Star stickers
  • Glue
  • Tape
  1. Stick the triangle shaped piece of cardboard to the top of the cereal box to look like the flap at the top of the backpack. Be careful not to stick this too far over the top and make sure you can still open the backpack from the top to put things inside.
  2. Fold the smaller boxes inside out and stick them to the front of the backpack using tape
  3. Push the lid into the bottom of the cardboard tube. Secure with tape.
  4. Attach the cardboard tube to the side of the backpack - this makes a great pen and marker holder!
  5. Turn the backpack around and cut two slits at the top of the box. Cut two slits underneath of the box as well.
  6. Thread one end of a piece of ribbon through the slit at the top of the box and the other end through the slit on the bottom of the box.
  7. Tie the ends inside the box. Use tape to secure the ends.
  8. Repeat this for the other piece of ribbon to make two secure shoulder straps to carry the backpack.
  9. Glue a button just under the point of the triangle at the front of the backpack.
  10. Decorate the backpack with stickers.
  11. Now, your backpack is ready to wear and you can even fill it with some of your favorite books!