• 2 tissue boxes
  • 2 metal jar lids
  • 1 green cardboard egg carton
  • White cone coffee filters
  • Washable felt tip pens in different shades of green and brown
  • Spray bottle (filled with water)
  • Tape
  • Glue
  1. Open up the white cone coffee filters into a semi circle shape.
  2. Color them on one side using lots of different colors of green and brown.
  3. Spray each filter lightly with water. Watch as the colors all run together to form great dinosaur patterns. Let dry.
  4. Cut the bottom of three segments of an egg carton to create the dinosaur feet claws.
  5. Once the coffee filters are dry, use them to completely cover the tissue boxes. Use tape to adhere to the tissue box.
  6. Stick the egg carton claws to the top front of each foot - slightly overhanging the edge.
  7. Securely tape the metal lids to the front, underneath each foot.
  8. Your stomping feet are ready to wear now! If you walk on concrete or wooden floors, you will hear the stomping sound of a dinosaur when the metal lids bang on the ground!