• Clear sticky shelf paper or contact paper
  • Colored masking tape
  • Flat decorative items for the collage: feathers, ribbon, colorful paper cutouts, etc.
  • String
  • Hole punch
  1. Tape down the corners of the sticky paper to either a table or an easel to keep the paper down. Keep the sticky side up.
  2. Use any of the flat decorative items you've gathered to stick them to the sticky paper in any arrangement you want.
  3. When your masterpiece is complete, use another piece of sticky paper, face down, to seal the collage together.
  4. Use the colored masking tape to cover the edges of the sticky paper. This helps any sticky edges from being exposed.
  5. Using the hole punch, make a hole at the top of the collage.
  6. Weave the string through the hole and hang your collage wherever you want.
  7. If the decorative items are colorful and a bit transparent, this can make a great sun catcher in your window.