• Light yellow felt
  • Light blue felt
  • White felt
  • Black felt
  • 2 googly eyes, per Star
  • Printable Star Template
  • Batting or old fabric scraps (to stuff Star)
  • All-purpose white glue
  • Hot glue
  • Small plastic or paper bags (to hand out materials)
  • Permanent marker (to write names on the back)


This snuggly-sweet Star craft can be made by party guests or before the party to give out as favors!

Before the party:

  1. Print the Star pillow template to use as a guide for making the pillows.
  2. Using safety scissors, cut: 2 light yellow felt Star bodies,1 black felt mouth, 5-6 white felt stars, 1 white felt hat trim, 1 light blue hat, and 1 light blue blanket for each Star pillow you are making.
  3. Hot glue the two yellow body pieces together (around the outside edges only) in advance, leaving Star's top point open for filling with stuffing.
  4. Divide all of the cutout felt pieces into small paper or plastic bags for each of your guests to complete their own Star.

At the party:

  1. Show the children an example of the completed craft so they know where each part should be glued.
  2. Sproutlets can stuff their Star pillows with batting or fabric scraps then glue on the hat, stars, mouth, blanket, and eyes.
  3. Glue around the inside edges of the tip that was left open to put batting in to seal shut.
  4. Use a permanent marker to write each child's name on the back of their pillow.