• 1 shoe box
  • Assorted craft supplies (markers, crayons, felt, construction paper, yarn, pipe cleaners, wooden craft sticks, pom pom balls, etc.)
  • Reusable items (such as cardboard rolls, buttons, magazine paper, bits of fabric, cotton balls, aluminum foil, bottle caps, sponges, etc.)
  • Sprout logo
  • All-purpose white glue or tape
  • Safety scissors

Use your imagination and craft materials to create your very own Sproutastic scene.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Include Sprout hills made of cardboard, patterned paper, felt or fabric
  • Use cotton balls for clouds in a daytime scene, or aluminum foil for stars in a nighttime scene
  • Be creative and use different things from around the house in new ways. You could use a yellow lid from a jar to make a sun or a green sponge to make a bush.
  • Make your scene come to life by hanging objects like birds from the top of the box so it looks like they're flying.


Most importantly, be sure to feature the Sprout logo on one of the objects in the scene.  You can print it out here.

If you'd like to submit your creation for a chance to be seen on Sprout, please do not include any characters or iconic images from any Sprout show within your Sproutorama.  For example, avoid using images such as Chica and The Sunny Side Up Show barn, or Star and The Good Night Show moon couch. 

Please also avoid any other licensed characters, brand names or logos.

Once it's complete, take a picture of your preschooler with the finished Sproutorama, and be sure to keep the entire box in frame.