• Two paper plates
  • Masking tape
  • Safety scissors
  • Tinsel garlands
  • Ribbon (thin and thick)
  • Baubles (optional)
  • Printable Templates
  • A glue stick
  1. Take two plates and carefully cut out the centers. Next turn them back to back and secure with masking tape to make the circular base for your wreath.
  2.  With your sticky tape attach a loop of ribbon to the back of the base.
  3. Cut a slit in your base and slot in the end of your tinsel garland. Also attach the ends to the base with a little masking tape to make sure it is securely attached.
  4. Now ball up the rest of your tinsel in your hand so it is easy to work with, and start wrapping it around the circular base. Keep it as tight and even as possible. When you have wrapped the tinsel all the way around secure it at the back with a little more tape.
  5. Next add some extra decoration. Print out the Snowman and Snowdog images in this tutorial. Stick them on some thicker stock paper (an old cereal box will do) with a glue stick, then carefully cut around them.
  6. Now attach them to the wreath. To make sure yours don’t fall off, stick a little ribbon to the back with masking tape and tie them to the wreath­.