• Paper
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Ribbon
  • Template
  1. Print out the circular snowflake template and cut it out. You will need three circles for each hanging snowflake.
  2. Fold three circles in half and stick them together, back to back, leaving two panels un-stuck. Fold your templates over so that the snowflake design is on the outside and cut carefully around the snowflake design.
  3. Place the end of a length of ribbon (around 25cm or 10 inches long) along the middle of each snowflake and glue the remaining panels back to back.
  4. Print your top cloud and snowmen onto a nice weight of paper, then carefully cut them out.
  5. Attach a length of ribbon (around 45cm or 18 inches long) to the back of one the flying snowmen with masking tape. Next stick the second snowman onto the reverse side with a gluestick.
  6. Fold your three cloud tops (A, B, & C) in half and attach the snowflakes that you prepared earlier to the cloud top with a little tape. Take your first snowflake and tape the top of the ribbon in the center of cloud top A.  Repeat with the remaining snowflakes so you have a snowflake attached to each cloud top.