• White paper
  • Construction paper, colored, and larger than the white paper
  • Colored pencils, markers or crayons
  • Ribbon, yarn or string
  • Decorations (glitter, sequins, pom poms)
  • Hole punch
  1. Fold a few pieces of the plain white paper in half to make the book's pages.
  2. Take a piece of large construction paper and fold it in half over the white paper.
  3. Make sure all the folded ends meet. Using the hole punch, punch three holes along the edge.
  4. Using safety scissors, cut three pieces of yarn or ribbon to tie through each hole. Tie each piece into a bow along the book's spine.
  5. Draw pictures or tell your fantastic story about your trip or adventure! You can ask a grown-up to write words for each picture if you would like!
  6. Now you have become the author of your very own scrap book. Give the scrapbook a title and share it with your friends and family!