1. To color the rice, put one cup of rice into a resealable bag and add a few drops of food coloring. Seal the bag and shake the coloring all around the rice until it is well coated.
  2. Pour the rice onto a paper plate and leave to dry.
  3. Repeat for each of the four colors.
  4. Peel the paper back slightly and fold down the corners of the smaller piece of sticky-back plastic and place flat on the table (sticky side up). Stick the corners down to the table with masking tape.
  5. Peel back the rest of the paper on the sticky-back plastic.
  6. Place and stick your photo (face down) to the middle of the sticky-back plastic.
  7. Sprinkle the different colors of rice onto the sticky-back plastic. (not too much as you still have to leave parts of the plastic showing so the mat sticks together).
  8. Add feathers, ripped up paper and sequins to your placemat to decorate. Be sure to leave about a half-inch gap around the edge of the placemat with nothing stuck on it.
  9. On the slightly larger piece of sticky-back plastic, peel back about two inches of paper across the top. Stick this to the top of your place mat and carefully peel the rest of the paper away, smoothing your placemat as you go.
  10. Remove the masking tape from the corners. Turn the placemat over so you are looking at it from the front and fold and stick all the edges in.
  11. Set the placemats at the table so everyone will know where to sit!