• 2 sturdy paper plates, with identical large circles cut out of the middle of each plate
  • 1 piece of orange net, cut large enough to cover the hole in the plate
  • Items for weaving (string, yarn, straws, ribbon, etc.)
  • Orange peel, cut into thin long strips
  • Some feathers
  • Stapler
  • Tape
  1. Place the orange net over the large hole in one paper plate. Staple the net in place. (You can use tape instead, but it may not be as strong a hold.)
  2. Weave the string, yarn, straws, ribbon and orange through the orange net. Adhere the ends of each item to the rim of the plate with tape. Repeat with as much stuff as you wish to weave.
  3. Using tape, secure 3 feathers to hang down from the bottom of the plate.
  4. Place the other paper plate over the first one and secure with tape. (This gives the catcher a nice finish.)
  5. Hang above your bed to catch your dreams!