• 1 white sock
  • 3 elastic bands
  • 1 stick (from outside)
  • 1 ball (tennis ball sized)
  • 1 bell
  • 3 small lengths of brown wool
  • 2 small ketchup bottle top lids
  • A length of string
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Pink felt tip pen
  • Tape
  1. Push the bell into the toe of the sock.
  2. Push the ball (tennis ball sized) into the sock right down to the toe as far as it will go.
  3. Tie a loop in the middle of all three pieces of wool.
  4. Place the loops around the bell and pull tight creating the mouse’s nose and whiskers.
  5. To create the mouse’s ears, push two small ketchup lids into the sock. Balance them on their sides at the top of the mouse’s head.
  6. Fix the ears in place by tying an elastic band around each lid, over the sock.
  7. Using a pink felt tip pen, color the nose.
  8. Using a black felt tip pen, draw a mouth and eyes.
  9. Using an elastic band, tie it around the back of the mouse to create a tail and to keep the ball in place.
  10. Thread a length of string through the elastic band at the back and tie in a knot to secure.
  11. Wind the other end of the string around the end of a stick and secure in place with tape.
  12. Hold the bottle as a handle and jingle and jangle the mouse for your pet cat and watch them play at trying to catch it. 
  13. You could spray toy with a little catnip spray to really make your cat want to play!