• 3 small boxes
  • 1 juice carton with straw, unopened
  • 1 cardboard tube (from roll of paper towels)6 small lids
  • 1 large lid
  • 1 pipe cleaner, cut into 3 small lengths
  • 1 long thin box with a pull out 'drawer'
  • 1 large plastic bottle cap
  • 6 small plastic bottle caps
  • Black paper
  • Blue paper
  • Green paper
  • Tape
  • Glue
  1. Cover all of the boxes in construction paper.
  2. Start with the long thin box and cover it in black.
  3. Tape a piece of pipe cleaner to the 'insert drawer' of the box and bend it up so you can pull the insert out to store secret food goodies.
  4. Cover another small box (that will be the engine of the train) in blue paper.
  5. Cover another small box in green to make the carriage of the train.
  6. Cover the last box in blue to make the end carriage.
  7. Cover the cardboard tube in black paper. Add a strip of blue around the top to be the train's funnel.
  8. Cover the juice carton in blue paper (take the straw off and set aside until you are ready to drink the juice). Be sure not to cover over the hole for the straw.
  9. Glue a small square of black paper on the side of the juice carton to make a window.
  10. Assemble all the boxes together -start with the long thin box and place the cardboard tube at the front. Next, the blue engine box and then the juice carton. Tape together using sticky tape.
  11. Tape two small plastic bottle caps on as wheels on the engine.
  12. Tape the large plastic bottle cap at the end of the engine.
  13. Tape the remaining bottle caps on each of the carriages (two for each carriage).
  14. Bend two lengths of pipe cleaner up.
  15. Tape one to the front of the juice carton and one to the green train carriage box.
  16. Tape the other piece of pipe cleaner to the other side of the green box and on to the blue train carriage box.
  17. Fill with your favorite lunch time snacks, and don't forget about the secret drawer at the front of the train for an extra special treat!