• 1 pizza box
  • 1 round cardboard pizza base (or a large piece of cardboard, cut in a circle to fit in pizza box)
  • Various-sized balls and marbles
  • Different colored paint in paint pots and on paper plates (one color for each ball); use some metallic paints for a more "spacey" effect)
  • Sticky putty
  • String
  • Single-hole punch
  1. Using a hole punch, make a hole at the top of your round cardboard pizza base.
  2. Use sticky putty to stick the cardboard pizza base into the pizza box.
  3. Starting with the largest ball first, roll ball in one color of paint until it is coated.
  4. Place the ball into a corner of the pizza box and carefully roll and balance the ball in the box making it roll across the pizza base many times.
  5. Repeat this using different balls, going down in size each time, and using different colors of paint for different balls. When using really small balls or marbles, it is good to use 4 or more at a time.
  6. Leave to dry.
  7. When dry, thread some string through the hole you made in the pizza base and hang as a decoration.