• 1 cardboard milk or orange juice carton
  • 1 margarine container
  • 3 spice jar lids or bottle caps
  • 1 wooden clothespin
  • Aluminium foil
  • 1 pencil or straw
  • 1 piece of card stock or construction paper cut into a triangle shape
  • Felt-tip pens or markers
  • Tape
  1. Cover the carton with aluminium foil and secure with tape.
  2. Cover the margarine container with aluminium foil and use tape to adhere it to the side of the carton.
  3. Tape a triangle-shaped piece of card stock or construction paper to a pencil or straw to make a flag. Tape the flag to the front of the margarine container.
  4. Tape 3 spice jar lids along the side of the milk carton to look like windows.
  5. Draw a picture of yourself onto the clothespin and clip it onto the margarine container.
  6. Now your boat is ready to sale in the water!