• 1 large piece of card stock or cardboard
  • Red, brown, and green paint
  • 1 small apple, cut in half (leave the stem on)
  • Pictures of each family member, cut smaller than cross-section of apple
  • Fork
  1. Paint the underside of your forearm brown.
  2. Paint the palm of your hand and your fingers green.
  3. Press your arm and hand firmly down on the paper.
  4. Keep painting your hand green and add lots of hand prints to your "tree" to make it look full and green and leafy.
  5. Push a fork into the back of a half-piece of apple.
  6. Using the fork as a handle, dip the apple into red paint and print "apples" onto your tree. There should be one apple for each member of your family whose photo will be on the tree.
  7. Once dry, use glue to adhere a picture of each family member onto the tree, one picture on each red apple.