• 1 pasta box (such as for ziti or rigatoni)
  • 1 family photograph
  • Tissue paper, in various colors
  • Stickers, feathers, buttons, pompoms (optional)
  • Safety scissors
  • All-purpose glue stick or tape
  1. Using safety scissors, cut out many large squares of different colored tissue paper (about 1”-2” in length and width).
  2. Using the glue stick, glue the top opening flap closed of the pasta box so that it stays shut.
  3. Take the glue stick and cover a small section of the pasta box with the glue.
  4. Take a piece of square tissue paper and begin to cover up the box where you glued. Press down on the tissue paper in order to flatten it.
  5. Continue to cover the pasta box in glue while sticking on different pieces of colored tissue paper all over.
  6. Once the pasta box is completely covered in tissue paper, take your family photograph and glue on the back using your glue stick.
  7. Stick your family photograph right in the middle of a larger side of the box.
  8. Add some fun stickers on the corners of the photograph and make glue on some buttons or feathers (optional).
  9. Let the glue dry for a little while and you’re finished!